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Dear Respected

Blue Bird Overseas Pvt. Ltd feels proud to bring out this website for the use of our clients around the world willing to employ manpower from Nepal. The establishment of BLUE BIRD is to reduce the unemployment rate of the country by providing Nepalese youths a chance to work abroad.

Nepal has all levels of workforce in abundant amount. Within the introduction of information Technology in the country, people have become aware of work opportunities abroad. Accordingly, there has been significant increase in the number of people going abroad or vying to go abroad.

Blue Bird Overseas Pvt. Ltd., a registered foreign employment recruitment agency, selects the suitable candidates from the large number of applicants following a certain procedures under the surveillance of the government personnel appointed and the member from the employing company. The hopeful candidates have to pass through various screening tests like interviews, written examination, health checkup etc. to be employed abroad.

Nepalese people are highly esteemed, loyal, hardworking and efficient people. The United Kingdom still has a Gurkha Battalion, even after the end of 2nd World War, as a tribute to their naivety, bravery and loyalty.

Thanking you

Bikal Hari Rajbhandari
Managing Director

Bikal Hari Rajbhandari